Strongcore Industries Inc.   A company specializing in industrial shutdowns, maintenance, decommissions and heavy equipment repairs. Typically, we have a dozen highly-skilled welder fabricators, plus numerous tradesmen and contractors at work on projects.


"Strongcore did what others could not, or would not, do.
I recommend Strongcore as a service provider."

~ Brent van Beusekom, Operations Manager, Product Care Association BC


Our team is capable, hard-working, and committed to serving you.

Our customers are very pleased with our good work!



Daniel Alzugaray- President   / Chief Operating Office

Certified instructor, teaching manufacture, installation and maintenance of all WAM’s ready mix products in the USA as well as Italy, Germany, Spain and Brazil. His company interprets and implements blueprint drawings and conceptions into finished product, along with shutdowns, decommissions, modification and assembly, and mechanical services. 

Daniel has a long history of excellence in crew management, design, installation and fabrication of industrial and commercial buildings, plants and factories and working in the field under adverse conditions. 




Strongcore's crew abilities

Pressure Welders


CWB Welding Certificates: FCAW, MCAW, SMAW

Scissor Lift Operation Certification

Boom Lift Operation 

Zoomboom Operation 

Confined Space Tickets and Monitor

Forklift Operation Certification

Moving, carrying, loading, hoisting, lifting, 

Measurement, assessment, dismantling 

Carting assembling and repair

Crane operation

Torch cutting

Blueprint comprehension 

Heavy equipment operation   



Strongcore Industries Inc.

23549 Lougheed Hwy,
Maple Ridge BC

V2W 1B8



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